Welcome to the KHG

Catholic chaplaincy at Ingolstadt School of Management (Catholic University) and Technical University (THI)


Dear international students!


The Catholic Students Community (KHG), situated in “Bergbräustraße 3”,  wants to draw your attention to some offers which are peculiar interesting for foreign students:


Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. we celebrate a worship in our chapel in Bergbräustraße 3. 

Mostly we can offer you an English translation of our texts.

After every prayer we invite you to a snack.




On Thursday, April 16th at 5 pm we invite you to a walk in Ingolstadt with information about the town in English language. We will meet at the KHG, Bergbräustraße 3.



We invite you to have breakfast with us at Monday, May 4th from 8.30 to10.30 am. We provide some German breakfast. Please bring specialities of your region.



 On Tuesday, May 26th  we will have a board game evening at 7pm.




On Wednesday, June 24th we will have a Taizé-prayer at 7pm. You can sing with us typical international Taizé-songs and enjoy the mood.




We will have a Holy Mass in English language on Saturday,

April 25th and July 18th at 4 pm at Bergbräustraße 3










 Responsible for the pastoral care at the KHG are:


Oswald Meyer, catholic Pastoralreferent

P. Stefan Weig, catholic student´s parson

Dekan Thomas Schwarz, protestant students´ parson


You can contact us:



Mail: info@khg-ingolstadt.de

phone: 0841-37929669


If you want to receive the latest information you can

register for our newsletter.


We look forward to seeing you in the KHG